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micky brown
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Sod is alive and doing well

In my world he seems to dwell………….

In my back lawn Sod is in his element

This is the place his time is well spent

For the sod is his literal manifestation

Of black and red ants there's an infestation

Instead of lush grass there are weeds galore

Dandelions, daisies, bindweed and more!

In the borders designed for my cherished plants

Couch, mollis and thistle quite freely advance

But Sod is delighted, this is his terrain

Of the entire plot of land he'll soon have free rein

For Sod is in his element

On frustrating us he's clearly bent

No matter what you do or say

This is a fact: Sod rules, OK?

by Margaret Sheppard

micky brown

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