Teignmouth Town by John Coutts.           August 2019      (John is a Teignmouth Resident and works in the park as a volunteer)

Just spit of sand alone against the waves
Crafted by river, weather and the sea 
Protected from the ravages of time
By mirror moon's reflected gravity.

These memories of pleasure, and these streets
Of our sun-drenched days, play out along the sand
A tune of ice cream, children, dogs and gulls
Sweet times we lost between the sea and land.

High tide, and shadows creep along the bay
Old ships of night slip quietly into port
Unload the feed, load up the clay, sail on
Into the winds of change beyond our thoughts.

The Orangery sleeps on Bitton hill   
And dreams to plant a jungle in the clouds,                                                   
While birdsong, bursts, and showers Mules park
Insistent in the Orchard's nesting boughs.

Though tired and weary pilgrims seek the shore
The beauty of this place, the river sea,
Transforms our souls, and sunset rippling down
The estuary and back beach, sets us free.

If flood may come, and very soon it must
Then none of our endeavours can be sure,
So live for this moment here, on board 'The Ship'
Watching the sun go down for ever more.