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a nightly flock of finches - Charming

Around about 5pm on the last few evenings there has been a flock (called a charm) of Goldfinches arriving in the park before they go off to roost. If you want to see them, they congregate in the tallest tree right at the top of the park. They flock together in small groups of half a dozen or so and chatter about the days business and where they found the best food etc. Then they fly off and get together with other groups and come back a minute or so later with an even bigger flock. They keep on doing this until by about 5.15 tonight there were now just two flocks of about 100 each in and out of the tree all chattering away. Small groups then split up and start heading off to roost. I don't know where but they all headed North in the direction of Dawlish. By 5.30 they were all gone and it was quiet again.


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