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The Future

The following overall management and potential restoration objectives were put forward for consideration in the Nicholas Pearson Associates’ report in 2006: dramatically improve the public perception of welcome, site entrances and public appreciation of Eastcliff Park

ii. to manage and restore the Park’s historic structures, planting and features, identifying wherever these survive, based on the evidence of historic maps and photographs

iii. to conserve the three distinct character areas:-

a) 19th c. picturesque landscape of the Rowdens

b) the early 20th c. sub-tropical water garden of the Dell

c) the historic open fields of the eastern (Mules) park

iv. to improve the presentation of the historic character of the Park by the removal or modification of visual detractors, and by the restoration of historic features

v. to conserve the wildlife value of the site and public appreciation of wildlife by managing and enhancing the existing habitat types, consistent with the objective of conserving the designed historic landscape

vi. to maintain and improve access to the park for people with disabilities, wherever this is practicable

vii. to seek public participation, co-operation and consensus over the management of the Park

viii. to reinforce public use and activity within the Park by improving the sense of security, and by using the Park for public events where this can be achieved without physical damage to the heritage asset or disruption to the general quiet public enjoyment of the Park.

The Dell > Potential Restoration Objectives of The Dell

The following overall management and potential restoration objectives were put forward for consideration in the Nicholas Pearson Associates’ report in 2006:

Some of the items below have been completed by the Friends of Eastcliff Park and by the Park Authorities but now (2019) some may need more work and some may need to take priority. If there is anything that you feel needs to take priority or needs adding then please contact us.

The Dell

i. Clear the stream of silt and debris, and repair stone edging and former waterfalls to the stream.

ii. Complete the clearance of the four ponds and repair the concrete linings. Remove the concrete tank in pond 4 and repair/reconstruct the breached dam wall. This may require the replacement of the overflow structure, which appears not to function and has been repeatedly modified.

iii. Reinstate replica classical sculpture to pond 1, but otherwise use new artworks including fountain/aerators.

iv. Restore the recorded historic footpaths and path edging stones. Surface with compacted stone and asphalt in accordance with historic record.

v. Restore and re-instate iron parkland railings along the boundary with the open areas of the Park. Install gated entrances at all four entrance points into the Dell, and sign as ‘dogs on leads’ zone. Gates should match the one surviving ornamental gate.

vi. Bring overgrown areas back into horticultural management whilst preserving the exotic, designed planting scheme. Establish a long-term grounds maintenance plan and pond management plan.

vii. Replant gaps using species recorded at Cliffden, or otherwise available from Treseder’s 1917 catalogue.

viii. Remove litter and garden rubbish dumping, and take action to prevent recurrence.

ix. Screen the modern boundary fence by planting dense evergreens.

x. Clean out and seek to restore the bypass sluice and pipes recorded on plan in 1926. Improve land drainage upstream to improve water collection for the pond system.

xi. Do not replace the Dell summerhouse due to current lack of visual evidence.


From the Chairman of The Friends of Eastcliff Park -
"Over the past few years a small band of enthusiasts (The Friends of Eastcliff Park) have been working in the park and especially in the Dell and Orchard area to make them enjoyable places to spend time. Their aim is to make the Dell a beautiful, quiet place for reflection and enjoyment for those who pass through or dwell a while to listen to the birds and look at the flowers. However, this aim can't be achieved without some physical or financial contribution because without a band of dedicated supporters the place will revert to the bramble covered wilderness it was but a few years ago. They want the whole valley to be brought back to vibrant life and rescued from the choking sedge and brambles which will inevitably consume it once again without  a lot of effort. However, I want those of you who use the park to be able to make suggestions as to the things you would like to see there and indeed, for it to be a garden composed of contributions from its friends and visitors.
I would love to think that in the future it is a safe and beautiful place to visit at all times of the year and also to act as a place where both adults and children can learn about the trees and other plants that grow there. Help the Committee construct a future pathway through the park that reflects the wider perception of what it might become and support those who labour to make it such a charming place to spend some time."


Contact them via The Friends Facebook page

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