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Getting Stoned

Devon Rocks and Stones

This group has a facebook page, and has been set up for the people of Devon to have great fun with or without the kids, decorating, hiding and hunting rocks, to let you bring out your artistic side as well as getting out in the fresh air. You can paint some rocks or stones with what ever design you want, also write on the back (post a picture on devon rocks and stones ) then hide them somewhere for people to find, also can you post a picture of the rocks you're hiding and the area you are hiding them, so people know where to look

Some of them have been turning up in the park.

Here are three that I have found -

If you find any in the park please send us some pics before you post them on their website, and remember to hide them again in another part of Devon.

We have started our own photo album containing these brightly coloured stones. More have been added. Just go to our Contact page to tell us your finds.

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