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Spoil into Soil

Our volunteers have featured in the Teignmouth News January 25th 2017.

Pictured with the pallets to produce the new bin are from left, Ian Cannons, Peter Lewis, Jacqui Bunce, Pat Lewis, Iain Ferguson, and Ghostie the dog (who helps to water the trees).

The text by David Caunter accompanying the photo in The Teignmouth News reads:

A group of volunteers are making good progress in helping to restore a popular Teignmouth cliffside park. The Friends of Eastcliff Park, also known as Mules Park, have just taken delivery of a second large compost bin. This will help them deal with the material they have cleared over the winter, particularly the gunnera - the strange alien looking plant that resembles a giant rhubarb. The group takes an interest in all aspects of the park and the people who use it, its history and restoration.

"Our long term objective is to restore parts to their original state. We are keeping the beds looking good for all the visitors to enjoy" said Ian Cannons the secretary.

Some of the group have joined up to receive regular bulletins of what is going on, and others to help with practical tasks and fundraising.

The focus of the practical work is in two areas - The Orchard and The Dell.

The Dell contains the chain of ponds, extending from near The Walled Garden along the Western boundary of the park. It was a formal garden when it was part of the Cliffden estate.

In 2013 the Friends established an orchard of traditional apple varieties in the park, and are working with the Teinbridge Green Spaces team to maintain the orchard.

They meet weekly and monthly to develop The Dell, and maintain The Orchard.


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