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Teignmouth loses a lovely Beech

Not such a fun guy!

Meripilus giganteus. A serious root rotting fungus that attacks Beech trees has been found in our park. It was spotted a couple of years ago on the lawn at the back of Rowdens House emerging from the roots of an established Beech tree.

Meripilus giganteus is a polypore fungus in the family Meripilaceae. It causes a white rot in various types of broadleaved trees, particularly beech (Fagus). This bracket fungus, commonly known as the giant polypore or black-staining polypore, is often found in large clumps at the base of trees, although fruiting bodies are sometimes found some distance away from the trunk, parasitizing the roots. It is recognizable by the large, multi-capped fruiting body, as well as its pore surface that quickly darkens black when bruised or injured.

Now that the the root system has been damaged, there was concern that the tree may fall in a strong wind and cause injury.

It was decided to fell the tree.

UPDATE..... 24TH AUGUST 2018

The branches have been taken away but the fungus is back with a vengence.

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