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The Hollyhock Fairies have arrived in the park

The Hollyhock Fairies
After a storm you can see their colourful skirts hanging out to dry at the back of the orchard in the park.

Gertrude Jekyll said that "the loosely-folded inner petals of the loveliest of Hollyhocks invite a wonderful play and brilliancy of colour. Some of the colour is transmitted through the half-transparency of the petal's structure, some is reflected from the neighbouring folds; the light striking back and forth with infinitely beautiful trick and playful variation, so that some inner regions of the heart of a rosy flower, obeying the mysterious agencies of sunlight, texture and local colour, may tell upon the eye as pure scarlet; while the wide outer petal, in itself generally rather lighter in colour, with its slightly waved surface and gently frilled edge, plays the game of give and take with light and tint in quite other, but always delightful ways."

All photos below taken in the park

The Hollyhock Child

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